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M24 Berhad

Digitizing Islamic Financial Experience

M24 Berhad aims to shed light on the role of Islamic banking industry services in promoting digital financial inclusion. Digitization increased the ability of financially excluded people to access and use formal financial services. The services given are tailored to the needs of the client and are delivered in an efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective manner.

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Expand Your Fintech Start-Up

M24 Berhad 

A world-renowned expert in the field of Financial Technology – FINTECH

At M24 Berhad, we aspire to create all our Fintech masterpieces a reality by adding value to Islamic Financial Technology – Shariah Compliant.


We offer dynamic services and highly customized assistance, M24 Berhad is committed to providing comprehensive solutions and services to mid-market enterprises, as well as focused strategic advising to major corporations.

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M24 Berhad 


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Designed to facilitate

a wide range of

Islamic financing solutions


Islamic Crowd Funding


  Islamic Factoring Financing


  Islamic Retail



Money Service



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Social Funding

Business Funding

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Internal Business Funding

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Cash Waqf



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Business Continuity

& Expenses

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Educational Needs

Seed Funding for Start-Up

Capital Expenditures


Operating Expenses


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