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The Birth of

M24 Berhad was established to become the first shariah-compliant and leading specialist in the field of Financial Technology (FINTECH), with a worldwide audience in mind.


M24 Berhad was established on the 23rd of July, 2020, in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. En. Ahmad Tarmizee Ab Hamid - Group Managing Director, and En. Kasful Khairi Mohd Dadiri – Group Executive Director, were the founding member of the company.


M24 Berhad aspires to be the very first Islamic Digital Banking institution in Malaysia. Our subsidiaries include M24 Tawreeq Sdn. Bhd., M24 Cash Sdn Bhd. and M24 Ifada Sdn. Bhd.

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To develop into a comprehensive provider of technical and financing assistance to a fresh start, particularly new Fintech start-ups, in the financial services industry.

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Increasing the value of the Islamic finance experience by digitizing and integrating into the Islamic Financial Technology and Shariah Compliance environment

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Group Structure

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Current Shareholding

(RM 6,002,000)

Shareholding ( RM 2,000,000 )

M24 Berhad       100%

Shareholding ( RM 3,551,000  )

M24 Berhad       100%

Shareholding ( RM 2,002,000  )

M24 Berhad       100%


Ahmad Tarmizee (AT)

Kasful Khairi (KK)

Ahmad Tarmizee (AT)      : 50%

Kasful Khairi (KK)                : 50%   

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Ultimate Holding


Board of Directors

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Group Managing Director and Founder

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Group Executive Director and Founder

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