MFM Tawreeq

MFM TAWREEQ will lead the way for our maiden foray into the world of banking and finance, drawing on the talents of our experienced managers who were former bankers and financiers in conventional banking.


MFM Tawreeq will begin by offering lucrative and evergreen factoring services for companies with non-ringgit business receivables, setting the stage for more financing products to come.


We will facilitate short-term, sharia-compliant, and digital-friendly business financing to help SMEs manage their invoice receivables and cash flow at reduced costs and with fast turnaround times.


We aim to eventually be a leader in the peer-to-peer short-term Islamic money market. Our systems development expertise will eventually allow customers to conduct all their business financing online, cutting down on waiting times and saving money all round.


With our active participation and commitment to providing competitive rates, we aim to be the avenue of choice for SMEs everywhere who seek Sharia-compliant financing to help them manage their business flows cheaper than with conventional service providers.


MFM Ifada

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