We are a company that's always in a hurry. In a hurry to provide best-in-class digital banking services.


The domestic market can be a crowded space dominated by conventional financial institutions that are too invested in old-school ways of thinking about financial products.


Labuan presents an ideal springboard into the global digital banking space where we can develop innovative products in an environment that is open to new ideas. Where we are not constrained by a crowded domestic market, and where we can test and go beyond the limits of what is safe and boring.


To speed up the process we have established two Labuan entities (as per the diagram above) for the sole purpose of acquiring the licenses needed to allow us to provide the premium service that our current clients have come to expect from us.


MFMi will be the fountain from which 5 key services will be fully developed. We hope to complete the incorporation of two of them (MFM TAWREEQ for factoring license and MFM IFADA for fund management) before Q1 2020.