Notification On Covid-19

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The outbreak and rapid spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has roiled markets and disrupted supply chains, threatening the global economy. It is also forcing companies to confront a host of hard questions about how they can and should conduct business during a global public health crisis.

This is a very challenging time and its implications are far reaching. Rest assured, at M24 Berhad, we have enacted and will continue to employ our comprehensive firm-wide business continuity plan that provides for the recovery of critical business unit operations, hardware, software and networks, including the provision of alternative sites from which to work and the ability to work at home securely.

Our teams are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to provide their timely views on our website as the situation evolves. These views will help add important context to the impacts on our clients’ repertoire.

We appreciate the trust and confidence you place in us and are doing everything in our power to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and prevent any disruption to our business operations or client service. Please contact our M24 Berhad representative if you have any enquiries. We’re prepared and well-positioned to assist you.

Thank you for entrusting us with your economic wealth. It’s a tremendous responsibility that we take very seriously.

Amidst the uncertain world around us, we are confident that these tough times will pass and we will emerge stronger than before. Valuations were high, the markets have repriced, but your long-term growth prospects remain sound.

As always, we look forward to partnering with you no matter the market conditions and together we shall reach our goals.

Thank you.


Head, Group Business Success