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A profitable and sustainable factoring service for non-ringgit receivables, M24 Tawreeq lays the foundation for future financial solutions.

We offer short-term, shariah-compliant, and digital company finance to assist SMEs in better managing their invoice receivables and cash flow. Our system development expertise will allow consumers to conduct all business financing online, cutting wait times and expenses.


M24 Tawreeq aims to become the preferred source of financing for SMEs worldwide seeking Shariah-compliant capital to help them manage their business flows more efficiently than conventional service providers.


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M24 Cash Sdn Bhd, another wholly-owned subsidiary of M24 Berhad, seeks to provide highly customized micro-retail financing to the underserved market, taking into account the unique demands of the individual consumer. The services will first be distributed through the M24 team's broad network of SMEs. M24 Cash Sdn Bhd is a licensed credit cooperative or money lender that has been approved by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT).


The collaborative partnership aims to revolutionize personal and microlending by providing entirely sharia-compliant funding to underrepresented market segments using revolutionary credit screening technologies. M24 Cash Sdn Bhd intends to establish a financial platform that delivers customized lines of credit, personal and micro-retail lending ecosystems via the use of digital and completely sharia-compliant financing to assist underserved and under-banked market segments with novel credit requirements.


M24 Cash services include "Buy now, pay later" (BNPL) and employee cash advances against earned salaries, as well as services for freelancers and gig economy workers.

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M24 IFADA (Moving Forward)

M24 Ifada will provide professional fund management consultation and execution services to High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI), small family offices, and cash-rich corporations by providing institutional financial market access and online trading experience. M24 Ifada Sdn Bhd aspires to eventually supply institutional-level liquidity to market sectors that are now underserved by institutional liquidity providers.


These are market segments that are constantly "on," seeking methods to increase their profits - hedge fund-level returns - from the comfort of their desktop, laptop, or even smartphone. We are well-positioned to deliver hedge fund-level profits without the substantial management costs associated with hedge funds. Indeed, there is a hedge fund for everyone.

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