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M24 Tawreeq aims to lead the way for our maiden foray into the world of banking and finance, drawing on the talents of our experienced managers who were former bankers and financiers in conventional banking.


M24 Tawreeq will begin by offering lucrative and evergreen factoring services for companies with non-ringgit business receivables, setting the stage for more financing products to come.


We will facilitate short-term, sharia-compliant, and digital-friendly business financing to help SMEs manage their invoice receivables and cash flow at reduced costs and with fast turnaround times.


Our focus to eventually be a leader in the peer-to-peer short-term Islamic money market.


Our systems development expertise will eventually allow customers to conduct all their business financing online, cutting down on waiting times and saving money all round.


With our active participation and commitment to provide competitive rates, we aim to be the avenue of choice for SMEs everywhere who seek Sharia-compliant financing to help them manage their business flows cheaper than with conventional service providers.

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M24 Cash Sdn Bhd, also a wholly-owned subsidiary of M24 Berhad, intends to provide highly-customised micro-retail loans to underserved market after careful consideration of each individual customer’s needs. The offerings will first be launched among the extensive SMEs network of the M24 team.


M24 Cash Sdn Bhd is a licensed credit community or money lender approved by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT). The strategic participation is to revolutionise personal and micro lending by offering digital and fully sharia based financing to underserved market segment with innovative credit screening technology.


We aims to provide financial platform that offers customized lines of credit, personal as well as micro-retail lending ecosystem by offering digital and fully sharia compliant  financing to facilitate undeserved & under-banked market segments with innovative credit requirements.


M24 Cash services to include “Buy now pay later” (BNPL) and employee cash advance against earned wages, freelancer and gig economy earner.


M24 Ifada will provide expert fund management consulting and execution, lending institutional financial market access and online trading expertise to High-Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), small family offices, and cash-rich enterprises.


Eventually we will provide institutional-level service to market segments that are currently under-served by institutional liquidity providers.


These are market segments that are always "on" all the time, looking for ways to get more returns - hedge fund-level returns - from the convenience of their desktop, laptop, and even their smartphones.


With our team of skilled traders and fund managers, we are well-placed to generate hedge fund-level returns but without the high managers' fees. Truly, a hedge fund for everyone.

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